You want to start a civic integration course at a school. On this website you will find suitable schools that are checked by Blik op Werk. Only for a course at a school with the Blik op Werk Keurmerk certification you can borrow money from DUO to support the tuition cost. All general information about civic integration and financing can be found on DUO's website.

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Hours of online courses do not count for exemption in 2019 & transitional arrangement 

Starting from the first of january 2019, course hours given in (solely) online inburgerings-courses, will not be counted for the 64-hour norm for the ONA-exam exemption anymore. The same rules apply to the 600-hour norm for the inburgerings-exam exemption. 

For both the norms, only normal, teached in class (not-online) hours will be counted. Online hours given in 2018 do still count for both the 64-hour norm as well as the 600-hour norm.

Furthermore, inburgerings-schools are not allowed to give literacy-courses (alfabetisering) online.

A transitional arrangement has been made for the contracts for online courses signed in 2018.

For contracts of online courses which have been signed befor the 1st of january 2019, all course hours untill the 1st of june 2019 will still count for the exemption(s). This applies to language (NT2-)courses as well as ONA-courses.

When you have questions regarding these new rules, please contact Blik op Werk at 030 30 30 645.

How can I find a school?

Searching for a school on this website is possible in three different ways:

  1. You can search by using the option Step by step search (see the menu on the left side). By answering a couple of questions, your search is adapted to your needs. For instance, you can search for the quantity of students per classroom and for educational level.
  2. You can search schools on a map by using the option Schools nearby  (see menu on left side] or by clicking on the map with the title Schools on map on the right side. Here, you can zoom in on your current geographical position by clicking on the white arrow.
  3. You can search by town by using the option Schools by name (of town) (see menu on left side). Here you can enter the name of the town or city in which you live, or enter the name of a town nearby. Tip: It can be usefull to search for a bigger town when you live in a small village.

Price and quality

Every school listed on our website also shows an hourly rate. But what does this amount actually mean?

Each school determines their tuition fee. Because each school teaches in a different way, the costs will vary. The hourly rate is the tuition cost per hour. The factors below are important for determining tuition cost:

  1. How many students are in a class?
    A small class size is associated with higher costs for schools. Big classes are therefore cheaper. Smaller classes with a smaller number of students often get better results.
  2. Do all students have the same level?
    Classes where all students are on the same level often get better results. The teacher can then give everyone the same lesson, so less time is lost to people are ahead or behind. Often the costs are higher for these classes.
  3. Can students enter at any time?
    If all students start in a class together, the teacher can give everyone the same lesson. He or she does not have to spend time on people who have just begun. The costs are often higher for these classes.
  4. Does the school also provide personal guidance?
    Some schools also offer a lot of personal guidance, with a teacher sitting with one student to help him or her alone. This can help a student to progress, but it will also cost more.

With this information, you can thus decide what you think is important for you. The table below shows the average hourly rate for your education level.

Education level   Average hourly rate
High        € 12,99
Middle   € 12,99
Low   € 12,83
Illiterate   € 11,73

The satisfaction score

When you follow courses at a school with the Blik op Werk quality mark, we want to know whether you are satisfied with school itself and the given courses. With your answers, the school can make sure to improve its services in the future. To measure this, you may be contacted by the research institution Panteia, who conducts the satisfaction study for Blik op Werk.

Participating in the satisfaction study is completely anonymous. This means that Panteia will never tell the school you participated in this study, and will never disclose what answers were given by who. Your contact information is stored securely by Panteia, and will only be used to invite you for the satisfaction research. Panteia will delete your contact information after two years.

When you search for a school on this website, the satisfaction score is presented on the right side of the overview of the schools, together with the star rating. More information on the star rating is provided in the next section.

What does the star rating mean?

All the schools with the Blik op Werk quality mark are checked for quality every year. Mutiple factors are taken into account in this process. For example, Blik op Werk checks:

  • Whether all employees of the school are educated well enough for the function they execute.
  • Whether all contracts adhere to the rules for the contract made by Blik op Werk, and whether the contract is clear what services the school will deliver for the students.
  • Whether the students of the school are satisfied with their schools

Blik op Werk combines all these factors in the star rating. A school can receive a star rating of 1 to 4 stars. The better the school scores on all factors, the higher the star rating. A school with 4 stars performs better than a school with 1, 2 or 3 stars.

When a new school applies for the quality mark, and starts giving courses, it first acquires the Aspirant Keurmerk (aspiring quality mark). Because no results or satisfaction-rates can be reported before has started, no satisfaction score or star rating is provided for Aspirant Keurmerk-holders. As soon as this information is available, it will be published on the website.

The exam success rate (Slagingspercentage)

For every school with the Blik op Werk quality mark, the exam success-rates for all the part-exams of the integration exam are reported every year. Every school on this website has its own page on this website, at which all the results and reports of the school are showed. 

Under ‘Slagingspercentages’ (Exam succes rates) you can find the percentage of students that succeeds for integration (part-)exams within two attempts, for 4 levels of education.


Your DigiD is your personal login for websites of the government and health related institutions. To apply for a DUO-loan you need to login to Mijn Inburgering with your DigID. To approve the bills for the courses of your school, you need to login to this page too.

Your DigiD is strictly personal, and may not be shared with other people. Your school may not be authorized to login to your DigiD and approve the bills for the courses. 

When you think someone is misusing or taking advantage of your DigiD, please consult .

When you think your school is misusing or taking advantage of your DigiD, please contact the complaints department of Blik op Werk. This is possible by phone ( 030 30 30 645 ) or by email ( ).

Complaints regulation

All the schools with the Blik op Werk quality mark need to have a complaints regulation. The complaints regulation describes what to do if you have a complaint about the school. This regulation needs to be available for all students at all times.

When you have a problem with your school or want to file a complaint about your school, you first need to file a complaint with the school itself. Resolving the complaint may not take more than 6 weeks.

When your complaint is not resolved within 6 weeks, you can contact the complaints department of Blik op Werk. This is possible by phone ( 030 30 30 645 ) or by email ( ).

When you don’t know how to file a complaint with the school you can also contact the complaints department of Blik op Werk. The jurists of Blik op Werk can help you to file the complaint.

The course contract

When you apply for a course with at a school you will need to sign a contract. In the contract, all the agreements between you and the school are described. You need to have the contract, or a copy of the contract in your possession.

You have the right to terminate your contract with a notice period of no more than one month. This month you still need to pay your tuition fees, but after this month you do not have to pay anything anymore. This month notice period only applies when the total course (including this month) has taken at least 3 months.

It is also possible to terminate your contract when you have a serious (weighty) reason, such as when you have moved or when you are ill for a long time. Also when you have vindicated in arbitrage you may terminate your contract.

Furthermore, when the school loses the Blik op Werk quality mark, this is reason to be able to terminate your contract. The remaining amount of tuition will be transferred back to your DUO-loan. When you have questions about your DUO-loan, please contact the Service Center Integration at 050 599 96 00.